Culture & Heritage

The “TUHET” or large joint family is mostly prevalent in Car Nicobar. The nuclear family is more prominent in central and southern Nicobar. The tuhet is not just a homestead; even members living in different areas of a village are united for all practical purposes under the banner of the Tuhet.

The art & culture of Nicobari are in tune with their environment & needs. Their large seafaring canoes are so skilfully built that they are light and easily carried as each is made of a piece of wood hollowed out very carefully.

Music & Dance are components of Nicobari culture. Dancing is always accompanied by singing. In Car Nicobar men & women nver dance together but in other islands they do. Folklore is narrated and folk songs are sung on festive occasions. With the influence of film songs & western vocal music the Nicobari now-a-days compose modern romantic music which they play in melodious tunes on the guitars & other musical instruments.

On all Saints Day, Easter & Christmas people call on the Nicobari of the other islands, sing Hymns & Carols & exchange greetings. Even, non-Christians like the Mislims & animist are invited to attend the festival. Inter island marriages are common. On the whole the Nicobari enjoy peaceful and harmonious religion with each other.