Disaster Management

District Disaster Management Control Room (DDMCR)

Disaster management is not a separate sector or discipline but an approach to solving problems relating to disasters impacting any sector – agricultural, industrial environmental, social etc. Ultimately, disaster management is the responsibility of all sectors, all organizations and all agencies that may be potentially affected by a disaster. Utilizing existing resources ensures efficiency in resource utilization and lower costs. Disasters in general cause extensive damage to life and property and adversely impact economic development The District Administration recognizes the need to have a proactive, comprehensive and sustained approach to disaster management to reduce the detrimental effects of disasters on overall socio-economic development of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. The prime objective of any disaster management policy is establishing necessary systems, structures, programs, resources, capabilities and guiding principles for reducing disaster risks and preparing for and responding to disasters and threats of disasters in order to save lives and property, avoid disruption of routine activity and damage to environment and to ensure the continuity and sustainability of developmental works.

The District Administration has a separate Disaster Management cell. The functions of the disaster management cell is setting up of control room, dissemination of warnings, monitoring of relief and rescue measures during disaster, assessment of preparedness, preparation and compilation of Standard Operating procedures, distribution of disaster preparedness articles to the relief godown and other departments, assessment of disaster vulnerability, preparation of community based disaster management plan, creating awareness through mock drills and training etc.